What is vakya panchangam ?

Ever since we were kids, we were always told that stars speak to us. They have stories to tell us. And we believed them, but only when we were kids. As we were growing, we realized that the stars and other bodies up in the sky do not tell us any random story, but they speak to us about our future.

It is only due to the works of our ancient sages, that we were introduced to our future forecast that is told by stars and other planets. Our ancient sages had

Sadhu Reading Panchanga
Sadhu Reading Panchanga

developed a relationship between the planetary movements taking place up in the sky with the manner in which they influence the lives of the humans on earth.

With the aid of these forecasting done by the planets and stars, it is now possible to predict what our future holds for us.

Tamil Vakya Panchangam :

As now we are capable of knowing our future in advance, we are also able to understand which the auspicious days are for us and which days are inauspicious. Thus, we can prevent ourselves from undertaking any important activity on inauspicious day, hence, conduct our daily lives peacefully. This information regarding the auspicious days is done with the help of certain calculations which is then clubbed together in a calendar named Panchang.

Panchang is in actual sense five limbs these five limbs which have astrological significance are as follows: Karanam, tithi, Varanam, Yogam and nakshatram. There are various approaches for calculation the motions of Chandra and Ravi, which are responsible for the panchang’s accurate calculation. One such approach is the Vakya Panchang.

The system of vakyam is one of the most ancient systems of understanding the motions of the planets. In this system of vakya panchang, the motions of the heavenly bodies are described in simple words or sentence. Thus we call it vakya panchang.

The vakya panchangam is computed with a base on vakyas and slokas which are herited to the people of this stream. Along with the slokas, they also make use of stotras which are responsible for the calculations of additions and subtractions to attain a most accurate vakya panchangam. Thus, one can say that it the combination of these sutras and slokas that are responsible behind the vakyam panchangam. The approach of vakya panchangam is based on the shastra and thus is capable of deciding the auspicious days for conducting rituals as per these shastras.

Thus if you are desiring to check the ekadashi, sankashti, pradosham or dwadasi then you can rely upon the vakya panchangam or let us say, vakya panchangam is sufficient for these information.

However, it should be noted that, if the astrologers desire to have detailed information regarding the planetary movements of the universe in order to achieve accurate predictions about future, they need to have a much more deep study done. For such detailed knowledge, vakya panchangam would not be sufficient since thee are high possibilities of certain deviations between the calculation done by vakya panchangam and other approaches of planetary movements.

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