The role of shubh muhurats

Do you remember the particular scene from your favourite TV serial where the pandits asked people to hurry up so that they do not lose the shubh muhurats? When we were kids, these lines sounded funny to us and we always wondered what exactly shubh muhurat is and why did everyone did not desire to miss it?

But we grew up, everything started to make sense to us. Today, even we try to conduct all our important activity on auspicious time. We have finally realised why everyone emphasised on shubh muhurats. Why every pooja had to be conducted during shubh muhurats? We realised how shubh muhurats brings us luck and how it provides us long time success.

Hindi Panchang :

Today, thanks to the panchang in Hindi we do not have to rely upon pandits for knowing auspicious muhurats for us. these calendars or Hindi panchang  gives us every detailed information regarding shubh muhurats, auspicious time etc. it is only due to panchangs that we are now able to conduct all important activities at auspicious time on daily basis.

Each year a new Hindi panchang is published. This panchang in Hindi gives us information regarding every auspicious day and time of the entire year. Panchang in Hindi is made after certain calculations of planetary movements.

Earlier this year, Hindi panchang was released. This Hindi panchang is available online as well. Due to online Hindi panchang, one can easily check out the auspicious time at any place. However, those who wish to have hard copy of Hindi panchang,  you can also ask your nearest book shop.

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