The presence of ontikoppal panchangam in Karnataka

When a person comes to India, one thing that he notices is our belief in astrology. People are usually astonished about our firm believe in the field of astrology. During ancient times, people in western part of the world found the concept of future forecasting to be a form of superstition. They believed that it is completely impossible for us to predict our future as future is very uncertain.

However, the study and knowledge of our sages and the accurate predictions made by them has compelled people all over the world to believe in future forecasting. Our sages have always told us that star and universe speaks to us. It is our ignorance toward their language that we do not understand their speech. Every movement of our planetary system has a story to tell: the story about our future.

Our sages understood this and thus with the help of deep research, they revealed us our story. Astrology as earlier presumed is not a superstition but a science. It makes use of several calculations about the planetary system movements and thus relates these movements with our lives. The result behind this relationship is our future which never fails to be true.

Ontikoppal Panchangam:

There are several approaches for determining our future. Kundali reading, horoscopes, future balls, tarot cards, naadi shaastra and many more are different forms of approaches towards our future. These approaches are more like a window to our future. One such highly acknowledged approach is Panchang.

Basically a calendar, panchang reveals to us about the various auspicious days which is capable of bringing us luck. Have you noticed how your grand mother stops you from undertaking an important event on a particular day after scrutinizing a long book this book is basically a panchang. A reading of panchang can tell a person, whether the day is auspicious for your event to take place. It tells a person how fruitful the day is for your important event.

With the help of these planetary movements the panchang is able to bring you the accurate information about your future. The panchang is able to bring you the information regarding the year’s auspicious days. There are several approaches of panchangs as well such as balli panchang which makes use of lizard’s movements for predictions, vakya panchang, ontikoppal panchangam etc.

Ontikoppal panchangam is widely referred to all over Karnataka. Besides, even the people abroad refer to the ontikoppal panchangam. This is the only panchanga thatgives information in complete details categorising it in surya siddhanth, Aryabhatiya siddhant, Dru Ganita and Vakya along with the systems of Sourmana and Chandramana. In fact, the government of Karnataka has accepted it as the official panchanga.

Ontikoppal panchangam is published every year. One can easily get their copy of ontikoppal panchangam through their websites. It is also possible to get an electronic copy of ontikoppal panchangam.

For a physical form of ontikoppal panchangam, visit your nearest magazine center.

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