The enticing world of Tamil Panchangam

Tamil Panchangam is nothing but the Tamil calendar followed by the astrologer of this region to calculate the auspicious time or Muhurtam for a spiritual or an auspicious occasion. This panchangam is available from 1900 to 2020 but to predict the auspicious time and maintain its currency the Tamil Panchangam is consulted by the astrologers.

The panchangam notes the different position of the celestial bodies and the impact of this cosmic phenomenon on the life of the people on earth and thus comes out the calculation of positive and negative time. Time is regarded as one of the most important aspect of an individual’s life according to the vedic religion, hence people consult the panchangam before starting any work and in early days it was even consulted before sowing seeds and start farming for a new season.

Tamil Panchangam:

In making of the Tamil panchangam the calculation for concluding about the auspicious time is done on the basis of a sidereal system contrary to that of diurnal motion of the sun which is implemented to calculate solar calendar. In this system the date and time is decided on the basis of sun’s position in one of the 13 constellation of the zodiacs known as the ‘Nakshatra.’

The Tamil people use the panchangam to decide the dates of their festival and most important among these are the festivals related to two yearly harvest season. Many Hindus in Tamil Nadu believes in the Panchangam and before starting any important work most importantly marriage they consult the Tamil Panchangam to come to a conclusion for the auspicious time or the shubha muhurtam.

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