The effect of panchangam on lives of Indians

Do you remember sitting on your grandfather’s lap and he reciting you several secrets of the world? Do you remember him telling you about how the stars speak to us? How the stars hold your future?

Surely, you remember everything your grandfather said. But do you still believe what e used to tell you? Perhaps no. when young, we believed in everything he said, however as we were growing we forgot how to believe in the basic principles of life. We believed that everything our grand father said was pure superstition and nothing more than that.

Ttd Panchang and Indian People:

However, this is not true. Since ancient times, our sages have proved us that stars are capable of foretelling our future. History has it, that many of the events predicted by

Right Time To Go
Right Time To Go

our great astrologers have turned out to be true. Thus, it was proved by them that it is possible to predict our future accurately. For instance, the event of 9/11 incident was accurately predicted by Nostradamos who had breathed on earth long before the event.

There are several approaches for predicting future. These approaches understand the planetary motions of the universe and thus relate these movements with the happenings of the world appropriately. These planetary movements are also capable of fore telling auspicious days and inauspicious days. Thus we are able to have a proper start for all our important events and thus achieve success.

Though many people are not complete followers of future forecast and do not believe in them, still we Indians believe in the significance of auspicious day for initiating something new and significant. History has that every event when undertaken on an auspicious day it is sure to bring you success. Thus, we all have great importance of auspicious days in our lives. We are informed about our list of auspicious days through panchang that is a calendar comprising of five limbs. These five limbs include Yogam, Tithi, Karanam, Nakshatram and Varanam.

Be it for marriage or any other event, people always refer to panchangs for knowing about the “shubh muhurat” or auspicious time for their event. During shubh muhurats, stars and other planetary movements of universe are always in our favour, thus it becomes important for us to conduct events on auspicious days.

Each year, Tirumala Tirupathi Devasthanam publishes ttd panchangam. This ttd panchagam in Telugu is one of the panchangas that gives us knowledge regarding all the shubh muhurats of the year.

Many people all over India rely upon these ttd panchangam for getting knowledge regarding their shubh muhurats. These ttd panchangam is published in Telugu.

To obtain a ttd panchangam virtually, one can download it from the official website of Tirumala Tirupati Temple. The physical form of ttd panchangam is also available in all Tirumala Tirupati Temple centres for rupees 35 only. One can also get their electronic form of Tirumala Tirupati Temple Panchangam in the PDF form.

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