All about Janmabhoomi Panchangam

Janmabhoomi Panchangam :

Panchangam or the Indian almanac consists of a number of certainty systems which hold a relationship between the cosmic phenomenon and its impact on the human life on earth. Based on some calculation according to the lunar cycle dates and day are fixed by the astrologer to compile a panchangam.

In Indiadifferent region follows different astronomical calculation for making a panchangam which in turn predits the auspicious date for a festival or determines the muhurtam of a family function. The Janmabhoomi Panchangam uses the amanta system in which the months are calculated on cycle of the moon i.e. from one new moon till the following new moon.

Indiahas a unique and diverse culture but the Hindus have high faith when it comes to panchangam or the indigenous almanac. The knowledge of the panchangam were passed on through written text but there was also an oral tradition based on which this panchangam are compiled today. This oral culture varied from region to region and hence there are different ways the astrologers compile a panchangam.

The Janmabhoomi panchangam is mostly followed by the people of Maharashtra, Gujrat andNepal and it is ages old believe that the people residing in this region are mostly associated with business and hence they use the calculation of the panchangam to find the proper time and day to start a new business. If a person starts his business in the auspicious time or the right muhurtam he will be bestowed with the blessings of the Indian goddess of wealth Laxmi.