The secret of every auspicious day lies in panchang

Remember the days, when your grandfather used to scold everyone and ask them to hurry up so that diwali’s pooja could be conducted on time? Surely, even you believed your grand father to be a pandit as he was aware of almost every shubh muhurat. Even you looked upon him as a great sage as he always looked into a book similar to the books that our great sages had.

Gujarati Panchang 2013 :

Do you know what that book is? Do you know what secret was that book beholding? Well, that book is the secret behind your grand father’s part of pandit. It was through that book, your grand father knew about every auspicious day. The book is called as panchang. Panchang is originally a calendar. This calendar of panchang gave information regarding every auspicious day of the whole year. Panchang 2013 gujarati is made after making several calculations of the planetary movements.

The panchang related these calculations of planetary movement with the events of the earth. This is how a panchang gives information about the shubh muhurats. Panchang is also a stream of astrological science. However, there are several other approaches of panchang available as well.

Gujarati panchang 2013 was published by the pandits. This Gujarati panchang 2013 consists the entire years information regarding al auspicious events like dwadasi, Continue reading