All about Pambu Panchangam

The Panchangam or almanac plays an important role in the life of the Hidus according to the ancient vedic religion. It is after the proper consultation of the panchangam all kind of activities are palnned in a Hindu household and this is rooted in our tradition. Panchangam has a vast role in the life of the Hindus, from predicting the day of a particular festival to the date of a personnel ritual, observation or a bigger family celebration.

Tamil Pambu Panchangam:

Hindu people consult the panchangam to establish the suitable date and time of a particular function which is also known as the shubha muhurtam. Indian spiritual leaders from since antiquity is of the view that time is an auspicious thing in day to day event. It is also true for the people living the southernmost part of the country and the Tamils here have there own way of calculating time based on their traditional almanc which is known as the Pambu Panchangam.

It is believed that the unique position of earth in relation to other planets in the solar system generates various division of time such as auspicious and not so auspicious moment. So the panchangam is consulted in day to day life to avert a particular problem and get success at both personal and professional level by performing any task on the auspicious moment.

Pambu Panchangam helps in calculating fitting and positive time to achieve success while performing a particular task. The calculation of this panchang is depicte by a coiling snake which is the depiction of a cosmic event. The position and movement of heavenly bodies have their own impact on earth and Pambu Panchangam depicts this movement of the heavenly bodies in a moving snake. The panchangam follows the lunar path for its calculation and functions as a chart of the movement of heavenly bodies and the impact it will have on human life.

The different movements of the heavenly bodies and especially the Sun and the Moon have been assigned certain signs by the spiritual vision of the ancient Rishis. These sages who are regarded as the torch bearer of the vedic civilization deciphered the deep secrets that was hidden behind natural phenomena.

On the basis of complicated calculation sacred time was understood and that science is still preserved in the form of the panchangam. Due to western influence on the Indian people we have started planning our day on the basis of solar calendar which is based on the ancient Greek and roman studies but these calendars fails to predict or understand the auspicious element that is attached to time. So when it comes to decide the date of a particular festival or the any auspicious moment in one’s life panchangam should be consulted to know the cosmic impact and get the proper information of the auspicious time.

Auspicious time is cyclic in nature and the Tamils have since time immemorial has predicted it by using the knowledge of their elders which has been compiled into the Pambu Panchangam. Panchangam means the five limbs.’ The interaction of these five components with each other helps to determine the positive and negative impact of time. Most of the knowledge of the panchangam has percolated down various cultures in oral tradition hence it varies with different culture, tradition, place and temple. The Tamil form of calculation is rightly depicted through the Pambu Panchangam.

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