100 Years Panchangam

Astrology has been, and continues to be an indispensable part of a major portion of the Hindu society. Babies born under this culture are given names at the time of their birth on the basis of their jyotish charts. These jyotish charts are important to for determination of the calendars and the festivals, auspicious and inauspicious times, for decision making in regards to marriage, business decisions, home, offices, etc. To solve all these purposes, our astrologers seek help from the 100 years Hindu panchangam.

Importance of 100 years Hindu Panchangam:

A Hindu panchangam is an astrological calendar which helps in calculating time and is believed to be an auspicious calendar for the culture. This panchangam is based on Indian cosmology and basically contains all the important astrological data in a tabular form. Originally, the calendar was made by using detailed mathematical calculations and geometry, and a thorough knowledge of the planetary bodies and their movements. Usually, a Hindu panchangam depicts positions of the Sun and the Moon and the rest of the planets in a tabular manner for every specific day and for every specific location, based on the latitude and the longitude, and a specific time. This calendar helps in determining the eclipses and weather related occurrences as well. The Hindu panchangam was made by our Indian learned men in the ancient period, by studying positions of planets and stars in grave detail.

On the basis of this detailed study, a calendar was made, which would advice and determine various important events as well as dates. The words “Panchangam” is inspired from Sanskrit, and it means “five limbs”, where the meaning of “Panch” is “five” and the meaning of “Anga” is “body part”. A Hindu panchangam combines to represent five main elements, namely, Tithi (lunar day), Nakshatra (moon’s constellation), Karana (half day), Yoga (a specific angle that is formed by the sun and the moon) and Vara, alternatively known as Vasara (solar weekday). The 100 years Hindu panchangam are also known as the Vishvavijaya Panchanga, which shows information relevant for 100 years. The study of panchangam is done by understanding the Rashi Phala and the impact of the zodiac signs on the concerned person.

The theories based on two important scriptures, namely, Surya Siddhanta and Grahalaghava, are the basis on which these calendars were made in the past, in different parts of the country. Among these two, the Grahalaghava was compiled approximately six hundred years ago, and the Surya Siddhanta was compiled long before even that. But, with time, these scriptures got outdated and none of the astrological events would match up with the predictions based on these scriptures.

Due to this, a committee was formed by our government, composed of various experts from this field, from various different parts of the country, and who had their expertise in making panchangams in their various different local languages, to make a revised and accurate panchangam, in which the mathematical calculations would depict the correct positions of the planets and the stars.

A National Panchangam has been made by the Government of India, to determine various important events and dates for our India as well, with the help of this 100 years Hindu panchangam.

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