The secret of every auspicious day lies in panchang

Remember the days, when your grandfather used to scold everyone and ask them to hurry up so that diwali’s pooja could be conducted on time? Surely, even you believed your grand father to be a pandit as he was aware of almost every shubh muhurat. Even you looked upon him as a great sage as he always looked into a book similar to the books that our great sages had.

Gujarati Panchang 2013 :

Do you know what that book is? Do you know what secret was that book beholding? Well, that book is the secret behind your grand father’s part of pandit. It was through that book, your grand father knew about every auspicious day. The book is called as panchang. Panchang is originally a calendar. This calendar of panchang gave information regarding every auspicious day of the whole year. Panchang 2013 gujarati is made after making several calculations of the planetary movements.

The panchang related these calculations of planetary movement with the events of the earth. This is how a panchang gives information about the shubh muhurats. Panchang is also a stream of astrological science. However, there are several other approaches of panchang available as well.

Gujarati panchang 2013 was published by the pandits. This Gujarati panchang 2013 consists the entire years information regarding al auspicious events like dwadasi, Continue reading

Know about Panchangam

Immense belief or plain curiosity, whatever the reason be, interest in astrology has been gaining momentum. With this trend, people look for a lot of options available to learn more about astrology, and one such option is finding all this information on the Internet. A lot of websites are available which provide online predictions based on your Panchangam.

No matter what questions have been troubling you, one click on the computer and you can get answers to almost all your questions related to your career, studies, love life, marriage, money, health, etc. A number of websites are available that provide information on the basis of your zodiac signs for free. If you wish to get into further details with the help of your personal birth chart, you can get the same just by filling in your birth details in a questionnaire available on these websites.

These birth details include information like your birth date, birth time, place of birth, etc. Once these details are put in the required fields, your Panchangam is created, and based on this panchangam, various predictions and answers to your many questions are provided. In this manner, in the comfort and privacy of your home, you can get your hands on all the astrological information and details you could ask for. This panchangam, their predictions and information are almost always accurate and reliable. There is also an option to get personal consultation if you need one, from Continue reading

Know your Hindu Panchang

A Hindu Panchang is a Hindu astronomical calendar which follows the traditional Indian cosmology and it shows the importance of astronomical data in tabulated format. It forecasts the celestial phenomena such as the solar eclipses, weather, rains, winter as well as more of the daily occurrences.

Astrology remains an important part in the lives of the Hindus. They believe a lot in astrology and often perform their tasks as and when it says. In Hindus, the new-borns are also named looking at the jyotish charts and concepts after deciding on a date from Hindu panchang.

Hindu Panchang:

The most important decisions of life like marriage, opening a new business , buying a new home or even moving into that new home is carried on as per the Hindu panchangam. Panchangam means “pancha” (five) and “anga” (elements). So these five elements are vaar (day), tithi (date), nakshatra (star), yoga, and karana (half tithis). This is all known by different names like Hindu panchangam, panchangamu, jantri and so many other names. The holy saints and sages often used Hindu panchang to find the good and bad times during the year.

The vaar (day) is measured from one sunrise to the next sunrise.  There are seven vaars in Hindu panchangam- Sunday, Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday, Thursday, Friday and Saturday. The tithi is also known as the phases of moon.  It is merely an angle between the sun and the moon to increase by 12 degrees. Unlike the western calendar tithi and vaar can never be exactly 24 hours in length.

Tithis begin at various times of the day and also vary in duration from approximately 19 to 26 hours. There can be more than one tithi also during the day. These tithis are known as prathama, dwitiya, tritiya and so on.  The moons movement is never constant. And therefore it gives us varying lengths of time it spends in each nakshtra. However even this could be again 19 to 26 hours.  The yoga is the sum of all the longitudes of the sun and the moon. This sum is divided into 27 equal parts and each part is therefore known as one yoga. There are 11 karnas and out of them 4 are mixed and 7 of them are repeating karnas.

Most of the people buy the Hindu panchangam and can use it anywhere in the world. We need different panchangam for different cities. The current panchangam is known as the Hindu panchang 2012. The panchangam is important for every year so that people all across the world can see the right time of the festival at which ever location you are.

The panchang that is available in India only prints the end times in Indian standard timings, you then need to convert it according to the timings of your location and use Continue reading

The Significance of Panchangam in the Lives of People Living In South India

People in India are very well aware about the love people down south have for astrology. The great believers of astrology, people living to the south of India are indeed the scholars of astrological stream.

They are indeed the experts of every astrological stream. In fact, it would be apt to say that people down south knows every little detail about the astrological stream. They have their own methods and calculations for predicting future.

Telugu Panchangam Online:

Panchangam forms a crucial part of our astrological science. We all believe in initiating our projects and important events on shubh muhurats or auspicious day as it brings luck to us. Panchangam is the astrological calendar that gives us detail regarding every year’s auspicious days.

Every year, a Telugu panchangam is published by the officials of ttd. This telugu panchangam gives details about the shubh muhurats in Telugu. Telugu panchangam is referred by almost every person living in south for information regarding shubh muhurats.

Panchangam telugu makes use of calculations of several planetary movements. With the help of these movements, panchangam telugu relates the calculations with the life on earth and thus give accurate details. Panchangam telugu is popular for the accuracy it provides. Telugu panchangam 2013 is officially published by the officials Continue reading

The Ontikoppal Panchangam

The Ontikoppal Panchangam, another name for the Tamil calendar, which is a solar and sidereal Hindu astrological calendar, used in Tamil Nadu, parts of Pondicherry, and by the Tamilians based in parts of Malaysia, Singapore, Mauritius and Sri Lanka. These calendars, like any other astrological calendars, are used for the prediction of various cultural and religious events and dates.

Ontikoppal Panchangam and its Fast Facts:

The Tamil New Year, which generally falls on either the 13th or the 14th of the month of April of the Gregorian year, is used as the first day of the Tamil calendar. This day is considered as a public holiday in Tamil Nadu and Sri Lanka. This date is the same as the traditional day of New Year at places like Burma,Cambodia,Laos,Sri Lanka,Bangladesh,Nepal and Thailand. As per the Tamil calendar, the Tamil year starts on 13 April 2012, Kaliyuga 5114. The Vikrama and the Shalivahana Saka eras are used here as well. A number of references have been made in the early Tamil literatures about this April new year.

The author of the Nedunalvaadai, Nakkirar, wrote in the 3rd century that the Sun travels from Mesha or Chitterai through the eleven successive Raashis or the zodiac signs. The Tolkaapiyam is the oldest known Tamil grammar that has divided the year in six seasons, according to which Chitterai is known to be the start of the Ilavenil season or the summer season. Silappadikaaram of the eight century named the twelve raashis or zodiac signs which started from Mesha or Chitterai.

Adiyaarkunalaar, who was an early medieval commentator or also known as Urai-asiriyar, gave names to the twelve months of the Tamil Hindu calendar with a specific reference made to Chitterai raashi.

Subsequently, there were more inscriptions made which gave references in Pagan, Burma which dated back to the 11th century and in Sukhothai, Thailand which dated back to the fourteenth century to South Indian, often Vaishnavite, courtiers who were given the task of defining correctly the traditional astrological calendar beginning in the mid of the month of April. The days of the Ontikoppal Panchangam are based on the planetary bodies of the solar system, namely, Sun, Moon, Mars, Mercury, Jupiter, Venus and Saturn, in this same sequence.

The week for this calendar starts on the Sunday. For Tamilians, every day begins at sun rise. As per the Tamil calendar, a month comprises of number of days ranging from twenty nine and thirty two. One important point here remains that, the months as per the Sanskrit calendar start one month ahead of the months of the Tamil calendar. The reason for this being that the Tamil calendar is basically a solar calendar, while the Sanskrit calendar is a lunisolar calendar. The Tamil year comprises of six seasons, each lasting for a period of two months. The Tamil calendar is known to have a period cycle of sixty years.

The Ontikoppal Panchangam is extremely important in the life of Tamilians, as majority of their festivals are based on this calendar. Few of these festivals are the Continue reading